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Beat the mud, year after year

Lift you, your horses, livestock and even vehicles out of the mud! Easy to install, re-use and extend. Hoof-friendly. No ground prep needed. Won’t sink in deep mud. #TheyJustWork

Install, re-use, extend, expand

Quick & easy to install. No ground prep needed. Great for rotational grazing

Interlocking, tough & strong

Won't sink in deep mud. Can take horses & vehicles up to 5.6 tons per ft²

Designed for horses/livestock

Protect hoof health. Suitable for small hooves. Non-toxic. Non-polluting.

100% recycled plastic

Made of hanit® - our exclusive, non-polluting 100% recycled plastic material

"Mud Control Grids are like nothing else on the market. They work amazingly in even the most challenging mud"

Inquire about Mud Control Grids today!

RRP $16.50-$21.50 per grid + tax & shipping

Grid dimensions: 19 ⅝”  x 19 ⅝”


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    Real people, real mud!

    Meet Lindsay from Dutch Hollow Acres, NY.

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    Easy installation

    Homemade installation demo.

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    Review after 12 months

    How did they do?

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    Mud Control Grids in action!

    HAHN Plastics’ Jeff shares the benefits.

    Technical Specifications

    Full Equestrian Range